Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kommersiell vs. ikke-kommersiell distinksjon vanskelig å opprettholde

Lisa Bungeroth skrev en bloggkommentar om opphavsrettsreformen til våren, spesifikt om tekst- og datautvinning, som ble Tweetet som en "must read" av Carlos Moeda, EUs forskningsminister. Jeg er enig. Her er mange gode formuleringer:

What is the problem?
The vast majority of published research is protected by copyright. Scientists and universities get access to this content by paying subscriptions to the publishing houses. However, legally, scientists are not allowed to use TDM technologies on this material, even though the access to it has been paid for as copyright prohibits this.
So while humans can read the article, the computer cannot. This clearly makes no sense...]

Why does this matter?
Because text and data mining (TDM) presents the future of research. Instead of researching the traditional way of reading article by article, scientists can now get computers to do the work for them – and a lot faster.

It is the commercial vs. non-commercial distinction – inherently difficult to make in 21st century innovation cycles –...]

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