Friday, September 25, 2015

Biblioteket har en nøkkelrolle for Open Science ifølge fersk OECD rapport om åpen vitenskap

En ny flott rapport fra OECD, "Making open science a reality" framhever bibliotekene som var "essential" for å starte Open Science bevegelsen. Takk til Nina Karlstrøm for tipset på Nora-info epostliste for å ha plukket opp denne.

"Libraries, repositories and data centres are key actors for and fundamental enablers of open science. Libraries have adapted their role and are now active in the preservation, curation, publication and dissemination of digital scientific materials, in the form of publications, data and other research-related content. Libraries and repositories constitute the physical infrastructure that allows scientists to share use and reuse the outcome of their work, and they have been essential in the creation of the open science movement."

Det mange godbiter å finne i rapporten, blant annet denne:

"For example, usage data from PubMedCentral show that 25% of the daily unique users are from universities, 17% from companies, 40% are individual citizens, and the rest are from government or in other categories (UNESCO, 2012)."

Og disse to poengene som jeg synes er veldig sentralt:
  • Open science and open data approaches can promote collaborative efforts and faster knowledge transfer for a better understanding of challenges such as climate change or the ageing population, and could help identify solutions.
  • Promoting citizens’ engagement in science and research – Open science and open data initiatives may promote awareness and trust in science among citizens. In some cases, greater citizen engagement may lead to active participation in scientific experiments and data collection.

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