Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantastisk intervju med Timothy Gowers, anbefales på det varmeste for de som følger utviklingen!

Field Medalist Timothy Gowers har blitt intervjuet av Richard Poynder. Her er det mange gullkorn, fyren kan også regne og har en kostand på 10 USD per artikkel i hans nye tidsskrift "Discrete Analysis". Det er småpenger sammenlignet med nærmere 6000 USD som forlagene opererer med.

Ett gullkorn om impact factor:
I find it so obviously stupid to take impact factors seriously that I am a bit nonplussed that anyone does, and am left not knowing what to suggest to tackle the problem.
 Om borgervitenskap:
Experience has shown that some of the most valuable contributors are people I would never have thought of approaching, or in some cases people I had not even heard of.
Om raskheten med samarbeidsvitenskap:
With an online project the basic unit of discourse is a comment of two or three paragraphs,which can either be read with no difficulty or can be understood after a small amount of thought–far less than is needed for digesting a typical journal article.And people can put forward ideas inan imprecise or incomplete form, get feedback fromother participants, and then either abandon those ideas or refine them. The whole process ismuch quicker than working on one’s own, sometimes startlingly so.
Om tidsskriftet som format:
In particular, our website is designed first and foremost as a website, rather than as a kind of feeble electronic imitation of a paper journal. 
Om forfatterbetalings-systemet:
I think this is beginning to happen, and that publishers are finding ways to create anAPC-based market that will be as dysfunctional as the subscription-based market is.The basic problem with APCs is that publishers can charge what they like, knowing that ifuniversities start to tell academics that they must publish in cheaper journals, there will be anuproar about the perceived threat to academic freedom.I have never seen a convincing explanation for how a properly free market in APCs couldwork.

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