Monday, August 10, 2015

Strategien for The British Library 2015 – 2023 fokuserer på åpenhet

Chief Executive Roly Keating said: “Living Knowledge is an ambitious prospectus for growth and continued development, driven by a vision of the British Library in 2023 as the most open, creative and innovative institution of its kind in the world. These are times of historic disruption in the whole global system of information and publication, and it seems right that the great knowledge institutions – with their historic remit to think and act with a view far into the future – should play a full part in shaping the changes that lie ahead”. - See more at:

The British Library skal være hovedkvarteret for det nyopprettede Alan Turing Institute, ett nytt stort forskningsinstitutt for data-vitenskap. Her er noen hovedtrender som de nevner:
...We are only just beginning to appreciate the distinctive and dynamic roles that libraries have to play in this revolution...
...At the same time, the idea of openness, in multiple ways, is having a profound effect on the landscape of information services and cultural provision.
...An economic evaluation by Oxford Economics published in 2013 found that the British Library delivers an economic value of £5 for every £1 invested and generates a net economic value of £419m for its users and UK society as a whole. The recent Sieghart Independent Library Report for England highlights the value of public libraries to local communities.  
...A further insight emerging from that report, which our own analysis confirms, is that at a time when the provision of knowledge and culture is increasingly digital and screen-based, the value and importance of high-quality physical spaces and experiences is growing, not diminishing.
Les rapporten her 

British Library bruker også vår tids kanskje viktigste sosiale medium, Twitter, og har mange følgere:
One million Twitter followers Hot on the heels of the 20 millionth item ordered into our Reading Rooms, this week @BritishLibrary gained 1 million Twitter followers, which puts us in the illustrious company of @Telegraph (1.07m), @NHM_London (1.08m) and @David_Cameron (1.1m) with only 72m more to go to overtake @katyperry. - See more at:

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