Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cory Doctorow om teknologi som skaper ulikhet, og teknologi som kan rette opp ulikheten.

Cory Doctorow påstår at teknologi, særlig overvåkning, hjelper korrupte stater til å beholde kontrollen, men teknologien kan også gjøre til at folket får den tilbake. Høyaktuelt tema i artikkelen: "Technology is making the world more unequal. Only technology can fix this"

As technology pervades, spying becomes cheaper and inequality becomes more stable – but not infinitely stable. With enough inequality over enough time, the cherished idiocies of the ruling elites will eventually cause a collapse. All technology does is delay it, which is terrible news, since the longer a foolish policy is in place, the more of a policy-debt we incur, and the worse the payback will be: lost generations, rising seas, etc.

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