Monday, December 7, 2015

Opphavsrettens dilemmaer i dagens virkelighet

Universitetet i Sorbonne og Universite Paris Diderot planlegger en veldig spennende konferanse om opphavsrettens rolle i dagens kunnskapssamfunn. Mange av "uenighetene" om open access har nok sitt utspring i dårlig kartlegging av de motstridende hensyn som skal balanseres mellom ulike interessegrupper. Introduksjonen til konferansetemaet synes jeg er midt i blinken formulert:

New combinations of technology, culture, and business practice are transforming relationships among authors, publishers, and audiences in many fields of knowledge, including journalism, science research, and academia. Self-publishing, open-access, open source, creative commons, crowd sourcing and copy left: these are a few of the key words associated with recent changes in how knowledge is produced and circulated. While being celebrated for their potential to democratize knowledge, many of these changes have been accompanied by heated debates on such questions as the appropriate role of experts and ‘gatekeepers’; how to ensure that such projects are both trustworthy and economically viable; and how best to balance the interests of authors, publishers, and the general public. Copyright is often at the centre of these discussions.

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